Bloggaruction 3 

Yoh! this bloggaructing is a really a daunting  task , but its worth it ,as I once upon a time lost touch with blogging  ,this year I decided to revive all my old and lost blogs ,why I gave blogging another try this time is that ,I do have ample time  in the mornings  ,as all my kids are working or either schooling ,and  it’s my alone me time ,as usual our housework  don’t end forever there is cleaning cooking washing and laundering, but Shukr to Allah for providing me with a helper ,life is so much easier now ,So in my me time ,I blog ,I still cannot get over my late husband”s demise ,May Allah  grant him Jannah  Aameen, I do miss him a lot ,anyways blogging is a bit of psychological  therapy  for me now ,as I went through  alot  of obstacles  in my life ,good and bad ones ,but everything good or bad  is a huge  test from Allah! and  Sabr is my only option and the best as its fruits are very sweet, I blog from three gadgets
 ,my pc ,but having problems  with my screen now , and waiting to buy a better one ,because after my cataract ,op last year I have  a bit of problem with focus, but I do have reading  glasses now ,Shukr, as I was  amblyopic since childhood and could see with  only one eye ,  Only Allah knows how I went through everything, but anyways vision has improved  in the operated  eye and that is also one of Allah’s  miracles, because  he can  snatch away or restore your eyesight ,and for me it was a whole new life for me after so many years, my optometrist mentioned  it will get even better Subhanallah,so while I do have a chance to blog then I will;

my phone ,I just love it to buts so easy to work with,yes Samsung  Galaxy  S4 ,but when the phone battery dies I immediately switch to my tablet ,because  I work with so many blogs one time ,and I am very busy doing two websites one time , and lastly 

my tablet is backup for me incase I lose all my info ,well today,  since it is the weekend ,I was busy  from the morning bloggaructing ,chopping  ,changing  modifying ,changing urls ,redesigning  ,updating ,reviving old posts ,looking for jewels I have penned down before  ,thrashing out some bloggarish laughing at my old bloggapers oops you have to check my blogtionary  post to see what those words mean, Hopefully  I am  trying  to gather it all together and I am waiting to see the end product of my blogs redesigning, InshaAllah! Maybe bloggaruction 4 will be what I blogged so far ,all my blog gappers and all my new edits etc and old and new looks of my blogs So long for now !

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